Key information
about your farm, whenever you want it, wherever you are.

Welcome to Onto-it Farm

Onto-it Farm is a farm management system that allows you to pro-actively monitor and improve your farm’s performance.

As a decision support tool, Onto-it Farm system provides key information about your farm, at your finger tips, whenever you want it, wherever you are.

Unlike other software packages out on the market, Onto-it Farm allows you to use the equipment you already use everyday to provide important and useful information to measure your farm’s performance. You simply record key actions and outcomes either in the paddock or back at the house. The data is then securely sent to the Onto-it hub and made available to authorised people behind or beyond the farm gate.

Farmers make a lot of decisions based on experience and intuition. Onto-it will help you build on that experience and give you the assurance that your decisions are on the ball.





Make better decisions, quicker and more often, with the Onto-it Farm management system